Support Your Most Vulnerable Stakeholders

Improve the physical and mental health of your smallest community members. With Kix360°, employees know their families are safe, leading to motivated, productive staff who are better equipped to navigate work-life challenges.

KixCare for Employers

The pandemic contributed to record numbers of women exiting the workforce to care for their families while organizations simultaneously invested in DEI. 

Challenges balancing demands at home and expectations at work led to burnout. With Kix360°, parents have 24/7 access to pediatric experts to answer any question, big and small.

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The KixCare Difference

Urgent Care

We've all been there - you have an important meeting, but Olivia has a fever and a bad cough. Do you skip the meeting and go to emerge? With Kix360°, parents have a virtual Pediatric expert in their pocket, without skipping a beat.


Here's what some of our customers have said

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24/7 pediatric care with video calling and messaging

Personalized care plans aligned to child’s development stage & wellness goals

Health teaching & advice delivered 1:1 and in groups


Improving Productivity

With Kix360°, your staff stay present and engaged while avoiding overcrowded hospitals and walk-in clinics. 90% of medical issues and concerns are resolved after the first interaction with a KixCare pediatric expert, saving parents 3.6 hours per interaction.

KixCare deserves all the praise. They have been instrumental in having my toddler seen by a professional and courteous pediatrician in a timely manner twice now. They have come in so handy at a time when my daughter’s own pediatrician couldn’t see her quickly enough, and have saved us a couple unnecessary visits to the emergency room. Love KixCare and our family is very grateful to this team!

Jessica Purdy

Absolutely amazing experience! Same day appointment. The Doctor was super patient, kind and helpful. Our daughter wasn't feeling well and we kept trying to call to book an appointment with her pediatrician, thank goodness for KixCare! So glad we found this place.

Maria Nguyen

Amazing, I am a FT working mom. Time is valuable, KixCare allowed me to save time for my little guy and myself, no waiting, no traffic, no clinic with possible other contamination! I had either no option, a COVID clinic or the hospital (for hours) for what turned out to be a localized minor infection but causing major discomfort. All parents need this convenience when the issue is urgent but not quite urgent enough I told the doctor who helped us this evening, thank you thank you!

Sofie G.


Care navigation to seamlessly navigate the healthcare system

Guidance and support to empower parents with their child’s care


Worrisome Questions

You are at a play date and her 12-month-old is walking just fine, but yours is still crawling. With Kix360°, parents can rely on trusted pediatric experts instead of Dr. Google for common growth and developmental questions.

Pediatric Mental Health

The pandemic has caused a spike in mental health illnesses - for employees and their children. Kix360° Pediatric experts are there for worried parents, from exploring ADHD diagnosis, anxiety, body image concerns, and more. 

Actionable care including prescriptions and referrals